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The Restore Health Prolong Life (RHPL) Health, Weight Loss and Neuropathy Programs in Sacramento, CA were created by Dr. Muldavin based on over 30 years of his research and personal experience with successfully managing his diabetes.

The initial program for the RHPL Health and Weight Loss program is 13 weeks and the RHPL Neuropathy Program is 10 weeks. After your comprehensive initial evaluation, you will receive the RHPL Health and Weight Loss/Neuropathy Program “Handbook,” based on your unique goals and needs. In addition, you will receive your personalized “Roadmap to Health” which is your blueprint to success.

At this time, you will receive your vitamins and supplements for the duration of the program personalized to foster weight loss, prevent disease, promote health, and relieve pain and restore nerve health in the case of neuropathy.

In the RHPL programs, you will experience attention to detail in all aspects of your life changing endeavor from Dr. Muldavin and his professional staff. The programs will consist of weekly visits (for neuropathy program 2x per week for laser treatment) to Dr. Muldavin’s centrally located, Sacramento office to discuss and review the prior week’s progress, reassess total weight and body fat composition, perform exercises on our work out equipment and utilize the dry sauna to help decrease stress and detoxify the body.” Weekly visits may also include massages, wraps and laser treatments depending on your program.

Prior to starting your exercise program, Dr. Muldavin, who is also an exercise physiologist, will perform conditioning tests to determine your current level of fitness and you will be given specific exercise recommendations to help safely relieve stress, lose weight and improve your activity level.

Another benefit to you is our classes throughout the program which include psychological strategies for successful behavior change, stress and sleep management, weight loss, insulin resistance and genetics, and how to create successful exercise programs.


Benefits you will receive and experience through this life changing RHPL program include:

Initial comprehensive consultation/evaluation which includes baseline testing: blood type, body fat percentage, and specific lab tests performed at Quest Laboratories.
Determination of your baseline Lean Body Mass (LBM) and initial establishment of your Daily Protein Intake (DPI) number.
RHPL Health and Weight Loss/Neuropathy Programs Handbook and Roadmap to Health, which are your personalized guides detailing specifically how you will obtain your stated goals.
You will receive all of your personalized vitamins and supplements during the duration of the program
Dr. Muldavin and staff will perform baseline conditioning tests to determine current level of fitness and you will be given personalized exercise recommendations to relieve stress, lose weight and increase activity levels.

Weekly reassessments of your body fat composition, total weight, and your percentage of water weight.
You will have use of our exercise equipment at your weekly weigh-ins.
Free access to ongoing lectures and seminars by Dr. Muldavin.
Use of the dry sauna for stress relief and detoxification at your weekly weigh-ins.
Direct access to Dr. Muldavin via his personal e-mail.
The RHPL program is a distributor of low carb/ high protein breads from the world famous Julian's bakery in San Diego, which is available for our purchase at our office.
Dr. Muldavin’s Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which is a unique screen Dr. Muldavin utilizes in his rehab practice to determine musculoskeletal readiness for activities of daily living. This test is ideal for participants who want to regain activities that they have lost, such as fast walking, running, golfing, hiking, etc., due to injuries, weight gain and lack of conditioning. * for Gold level program participants only.

* Laser treatments are available for some programs.

* Wraps/massages are available for some programs.


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